INTECMED in Greece will kick off the mentoring programme with 12 companies


After launching INTECMED call for innovative projects, the Chamber of Achaia, leader of the project, has finalized the evaluation process, with the support of the evaluation committee set through the Regional Alliance for Innovation Transfer (RAIT) in Western Greece. In total, 20 projects have submitted innovative business ideas, covering different thematic sectors but always with a technological character.

The call for innovative ideas aimed to identify and select 12 aspiring entrepreneurs from the region of Western Greece, undertaking innovative projects and existing start-ups delivering innovative new products and services. Theselected projects will benefit from an individual training and coaching programme, which will serve as a tool to optimize their ideas and transform them into viable business models, materialized in solid business plans. 

Henceforth, 6 months of mentoring are going to follow and from these 12 projects, just3 will win the business prize of €10,000-30,000. 

Some relevant information about the 12 selected ideas:

  • 41.66% are led by women. 
  • Internet of Things (IoT), block-chain, 3D printing, Artificial intelligence, with the development of applications or specialized platforms in the environmental, health, smart cities, creative & cultural industry, social solidarity, education were the targeting  sectors of the submitted ideas

The INTECMED project wants to congratulate all those who participated in the process!

Everyone should remember what the Greek writer N. Kazantzakis has said:"There are no ideas; there are only people who carry the ideas, and they get the height of those who carry them."

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