MED-InA: أول ورشة عمل عن صفر-نفايات في فرنسا


 المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية

The partners of the MED-InA project met in Miramas, France on the 20th of February 2020 on the occasion of the first Zero Waste workshop, organised by AViTeM.

The project partners were able to meet both with Euro-Mediterranean Zero Waste experts and municipalities that have committed themselves into a process aimed at further reducing and recycling the waste generated on their own territory.

As a Zero Waste territory, the City of Miramas extended a warm welcome to the participants who were able to benefit from its strong experience and commitment in terms of Zero Waste approach. It was an opportunity to meet Miramas committed shopkeepers and discover their initiatives such as the hairdressing salon, which recycles hair to make filters for hydrocarbons, or Atelier de Ted, a restaurant that uses only local products in a Zero Waste approach.

The workshop was organized to allow the sharing of good practices and experiences with the invited experts: the City of Xilxes (Spain), the Sicoval agglomeration community of the Toulouse region, the Zero Waste Europe association, the Ecologists without Borders association from Slovenia and the City of Miramas.
These exchanges were particularly enriching for the two pilot cities of the project present at the workshop, Carcaixent in Spain and Irbid in Jordan.

In the afternoon, the working sessions dealt with three components related to the development of a Zero Waste methodology in Mediterranean cities:

  • An economic component: which local economic models for responsible waste management?
  • A psycho-sociological component: how can the nudge induce a change in citizens' behaviour?
  • A political component: which governance systems for Zero Waste cities?

What are the next steps?
The second Zero Waste Workshop of the MED-InA project that will take place in Irbid, Jordan next June and the drafting of a methodological guide on the Zero Waste approach adapted to the Mediterranean context.

Find the agenda of the workshop here. Find the minutes of the 1st Zero Waste Workshop here

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