Circular economy: INNOMED-UP Consolidation Workshop and the 5th Steering Committee took place in Prato, Italy.


After many months of distant cooperation and on-line meetings, the time has come for the Partnership of INNOMED-Up to meet in person in the city of Prato, Italy. Due to Covid-19 recurrence, the INNOMED-UP Partnership decided to proceed with hybrid mode combining live in-person and virtual attendees’ interaction. The event that was hosted by the Municipality of Prato on Monday 6th June 2022 and Thursday 7th June 2022 was twofold:

- The 5th Steering Committee hybrid meeting was held on Monday 6th June 2022 (09:30- 13:30 CET) and on Thursday 7thJune 2022 (14:30-16:30 CET) via Cisco WebEx teleconference (Prato, Italy). The Partnership discussed about what has been done so far, critical issues and reached important decisions

- On the 7th June, the Municipality of Prato has welcomed the partners of the INNOMED-UP project to join the Consolidation Workshop on “Circular Economy in Mediterranean Cities” organized on the occasion of the 5th Steering Committee meeting in Prato.

The results reached so far in each participating city (Athens, Prato, Palermo, Tunis, Hebron/Nablus and Irbid) have been presented to the citizens and stakeholders that participated in the Workshop.

In the second part of the Workshop – conducted in the form of a Roundtable discussion coordinated by Prof. L. Borsacchi (PIN University) – the participants discussed about the development of INNOMED-Up Model for the Mediterranean and the creation of a Circularity Guide for CCI SMEs, towards a more thorough adoption of Circular Economy practices. The discussion resulted to a constructive discussion between the representatives of the partner cities which led to proposals for the compilation of the Guide.


Participants in the workshop were able to conduct some study visits in the City of Prato and understand better how the concept of circularity has been adopted by Prato. Overall, the participants were able to experience how the concept of INNOMED-Up was dealt by the partners according to the territorial context, the local clusters and the specialization sectors of each city. The event demonstrated that Circular Economy practices can be positively shared and exchanged among CCI SMEs without losing focus on waste reduction and sustainability of industrial processes.