Discover Med Pearls beneficiaries working to develop slow tourism in the Greek region of Piera


In this article, the different Destination Management Companies (DMCs) that are creating Slow Tourism products for Med Pearls in the Greek region of Pieria, join us to explain their views on the project. They are San Dopios, Mazi Travel, Enjoy Travel & Tourism and Open Ways, and you can find out more about their products in their websites and the Breathing Land website. Take a look at the article to learn also about the impact the project is having on the destination.

Our participation in the Med Pearls project gave us the opportunity to develop new strong partnerships and create innovative slow-tourism experiences. The pilot area of Pieria has a lot of potential to be established as a slow tourism destination for 365 days, not only in the Mediterranean but around the world. The unique natural monument of Olympus recognised by UNESCO and known worldwide as the residence of the ancient Greek gods, can motivate travellers to visit it and experience unique travel experiences related to the local gastronomy, culture and history.  We have developed strong relationships with the local stakeholders and we have them by our side in this endeavour. We look forward to welcoming travellers from all over the world to live the experiences we have planned.

Mazi Travel
Although Mazi Travel’s first proposal was about the Pilot Area of Imathia, we were happy to find out that Pieria had such excellent potential.  All around Pieria’s region, there are villages, with local producers, who are assets for this programme. We had the privilege to meet with owners of small accommodation units and activity providers,  who have created businesses that make sure their guests will have the best possible experience aligned with the Slow Tourism philosophy.  

Local authorities have been welcoming and supporting our efforts. And also stakeholders have been willing to cooperate and adjust their practices to fit the requirements of Slow Tourism (as it is a much-needed type of tourism in the area), and the sustainability mindset that it entails. They will also be encouraged by the travellers who will bring in pieces of their sustainable and eco-friendly “green” approaches.


Enjoy Travel & Tourism
Enjoy Travel & Tourism is encouraged by the end result and execution of slow tourism. Our inspections and links with local suppliers make this area ideal for slow tourism. Tourists and locals alike are eager to try this novel and environmentally responsible tourism concept. Residents and tourism professionals want to improve service and provide novel items for sluggish travelers. Tourists that have visited Mt. Olympus before extend their stay to explore the region and try new services. Pieria's environment, services, and location support the project's goals. We seek to solve the shortage of public transportation in an environmentally sustainable and useful way for the local population.

Open Ways Events & Travel
The participation of Open Ways Events & Travel in the Med Pearls project is a very interesting and creative experience for us, as it enriches our knowledge on how to approach a new type of traveler wishing to experience places and take part in the local way of living, while staying away from the standards of mass tourism. Our proposal is mainly concerned with the world-renowned area of Olympus and the nearby region across the sea coast, along with the city of Thessaloniki and the area of Imathia. The title of our program “MYthic paTHS” is inspired by the rich Ancient Greek Mythology, as according to it, Olympus used to be the home of the Twelve Gods and the Nine Muses of the Ancient Greek Mythology. The Region in its entirety is well-equipped with local experts and is accessible all year round. It is a unique combination of mountainous and sea landscape and is rich in national beauty, myths, history and modern cultural activities.

Med Pearl’s program redefines the relationship of the tourism professionals with nature, the environment and the local communities. In order to design our travel packages we visited places, discussed with people and informed many professionals we already knew about it and many more we thought they could participate in this program. All of them understood well this new trend and the potential of Med Pearls. The people were willing to cooperate with us and were eager to improve their services and their products so as to become more ‘’environmentally-friendly”. For the tourism sector, “environment” is not only the elements of nature, the natural and urban landscape and the residential communities, but also the human resources, the local culture and tradition, along with the archaeological and historical sights.



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