MedRiSSE organizes launching conference in Tunisia on Social and Solidarity Economy


MedRiSSE project launching "The Future of Social and Solidarity Economy Conference" will take place on 23 June 2022 in Tunis. It aims to bring together international and local actors in the social and solidarity economy to reflect on the collective impact of the sector and create a vision for the future. 

The conference, that also disseminates the conclusions of MedUP project, is organised by the Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship in partnership with the Asamblea de Cooperación Por la Paz (ACPP), the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and Oxfam.

Conference Context

Rethinking Social Problems: Social and Solidarity Economy’s Genesis

The social and solidarity sector has known an international boom in the last 10 years. Creating solutions around social problems has gradually become possible in a structured way that doesn’t depend on individual efforts but that can involve communities and institutions.

At a local level, the political context of the 2011 revolution in Tunisia, has led to the emergence of many players, coming together with the aim to tackle social, environmental, and cultural challenges, through small-scale initiatives.
Organizations were then created and programs have been designed to create and support the evolving social and solidarity sector. Diverse types of structures have been established to reinforce local ecosystems all around the country and a ripple effect has echoed all over to replicate initiatives that can make impactful changes a reality. The local synergies have laid the foundation for fruitful collaborations at regional level.

Local ecosystems of different countries came together to collaborate on regional projects, for a wider impact and sustainable change. Change is a big word that goes beyond extravagant promises. It involves criticizing reality and reflecting on collective learnings that can help people, social actors, ecosystems, communities, and countries to develop. Thus, everyone is invited to be an active participant in this reflection!

Reflecting on the Past, Capitalizing on Change, and Envisioning the Future

The Future of Social and Solidarity Economy Conference seeks to offer a space to reflect on the sector’s achievements in the last decade and to envision practices and approaches that can reinforce the social innovation ecosystems both nationally and internationally.

Within this framework, Tunisian social and solidarity economy players will come together to identify the key learnings and best practices, while imagining a roadmap for where we want to go as social innovators, social entrepreneurs, and change-makers.

The Future of Social and Solidarity Economy Conference is an open invitation to local partners to meet and connect, with the aim of creating a collaborative environment that best supports the local ecosystem. In addition to local attendees,the conference will welcome international partners coming from Jordan, Palestine, Greece, Spain, and Portugal.

  • ‘MedRiSSE, Replicable Innovations of SSE in the Provision of Services & Creation of Decent Jobs in the Post Covid-19 Crisis Recovery’, co-funded by ENI CBC MED.
  • ‘MedUP, Promoting Social Entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean Area’, co-founded by the European Union.

You are invited

At the Golden Tulip El Mechtel Hotel, Tunis, from 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM (Tunisian time).

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