ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM: Discover Tamam Foods Company's experience in producing organic chickens


Tamam Foods Company is one of the Jordanian companies that participated in the Third Green Ecosystem Meeting held in December 2021 in Barcelona - Spain. As an extension of Tamam Foods' journey from producing grain-fed chickens to producing antibiotic-free chickens and then to becoming certified humane, the company crowned its activity with the production of organic chickens according to EU specifications, as the first project of its kind in Jordan. Based on the company's awareness of its customers' needs and its concern for their health and safety, the idea of producing organic chickens emerged and work on this began several years ago until the project was completed and actual production began in 2020.

The production of organic chickens depends on the rearing of certain poultry breeds suitable for this type of farming, which tolerate climatic changes, feed on organic grains and grasses, and depend on natural lighting and extended hours of sleep and rest, and this slows their growth and makes them more resistant to disease and more integrated with the plant cycle and the environment. Their meat is the best in terms of health and nutrition.

The organic feed is produced from grains cultivated according to organic farming systems, which are carefully selected to suit the conditions and environment of the area in which they are grown so that they are produced naturally and without the use of manufactured fertilisers and pesticides. Also, some natural materials are added to achieve a balanced feed according to the needs of the chickens and without any chemical treatment during production and processing.

The organic chickens are slaughtered in slaughterhouses approved for the slaughter of these poultry in accordance with health and food safety standards and in accordance with the conditions of organic production in terms of the use of appropriate cleaning materials and specific manufacturing and packaging processes in accordance with the highest standards to preserve the health and safety of the consumer.


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