MoreThanAJob in Palestine completes one of its vocational training with an international dessert making competition


The Civil Society of Nablus Governorate (CSNG), sub grantee of MoreThanAJob in Palestine, organized on Sunday, May 22, 2022 a closing ceremony of a number of vocational trainings in the field of international desserts making and number of life skills trainings. These training were offered for a total of 44 Palestinians from low-income socio-economic backgrounds aged between 16-35 in Palestine.

The event included a dessert competition for the trainees of the international desserts making training course, honouring ceremony for the partner institutions, and a certificate awards ceremony for the training courses’ participants held by CSNG such as “Life Skills Training” course delivered by Mr. Kamil Al-Khalidi, and “Project Management and Leadership” training course by Ms. Heba Al-Masry, “Projects’ Financial Management” course by Mr. Wassim Kalbouneh, and “Cake Baking” course by Chef Kifah Askari.

The vocational trainings are part of “Fostering Economic Empowerment of Women from Less Fortunate Families through vocational Training” project run by CSNG which strives to promote economic and social development by fostering the economic empowerment of women from less fortunate families from marginalized areas and preparing them to enter the labour market through vocational training.

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The trainings are implemented under the supervision of MoreThanAJob project's partners in Palestine: the Nablus Chamber of Commerce & Industry and An-Najah National University.

The event started with launching the dessert competition.  Participants presented the skills that they learned in the international desserts making training course through presenting their dessert dish to be evaluated by a local committee.

It included a very participatory exchange among the trainees and restaurant owners who attend the event as the winners of the competition got new offers and opportunities to work with professional chefs and restaurants.

At the end of the competition, the local committee announced three winners; Dalia Abduljalil, Mahasin Aqqad and Lamis Jallad.

Following that, Eng. Naseer Arafat, Director of CSNG, welcomed the attendees and paid tribute to everyone who contributed to the success of this event including the Arab Women Union Society and Mariam Hashem Centre for Culinary Arts & Catering in Nablus.

Mrs. Ohoud Yaish, head of the Arab Women Union Society, spoke about the importance of these trainings in fostering the trainees’ capacities of self-employment, providing networking opportunities and encouraging their entrepreneurship.

Mr. Iyad Al-Kurdi, member of the Board of Directors of the Nablus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, encouraged restaurant owners to offer job opportunities for those who got trainings in the field of international desserts making.

Dr. Samah Saleh, MoreThanAJob project’s representative at An-Najah University, encouraged female participants to seize these vocational trainings to engage in their own income generating projects and activities to support their families.

An upholstery training course in collaboration with the Vocational Training Centre (VTC) in Nablus and under the supervision and affiliation to the Ministry of Labour is now held in parallel with this training. The training targets 15 participants among them, 1 female interested in this profession and enrolled accordingly.

At the end of the event, course completion certificates were awarded to all participants of the training courses.

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