Partnership between iHERITAGE Portugal and Tavira raises Awareness about the Importance of the Mediterranean Diet


New synergies have been formed as a result of the officialization of the partnership between iHERITAGE Portugal and the municipality of Tavira via a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the scope of the project! Mainly focused on the olive oil production, the iHERITAGE Portugal partner  is currently navigating through the cultural elements of Tavira and intends to engage in a didactic interpretation and dissemination of the protection and conservation of the Mediterranean diet.

Following the establishment of this framework and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the project and the municipality, a series of initiatives and events have been held to highlight and enrich the Mediterranean UNESCO cultural property through unique experiences.

During the months of May and June, for instance, the Municipality of Tavira is displaying ten short videos/spots that explain the many aspects of the Mediterranean Diet to a young/adolescent audience. From Cob day to the techniques of the Mediterranean diet, the significance of Environment Week and the circular economy, or the worth of fresh produce from the land to the plate. All of these subjects are related to the same purpose of raising awareness and supporting a better lifestyle, particularly in terms of developing dietary habits in younger generations.

You can watch the videos and learn more about the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet by clicking here!

By establishing cross-border living labs for research and innovation, the iHERITAGE project aims to support the technological transfer and commercialization of new Augmented and Virtual Reality tools to improve access to Mediterranean UNESCO cultural heritage through augmented and immersive experiences. The Portuguese team, represented by the University of Algarve, is focused on promoting the Mediterranean Diet and its value to Mediterranean cultural identity. The iHERITAGE ICT Mediterranean platform for UNESCO World Heritage is a key EU initiative funded by the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme.