The DECOST team in Israel strengthens relations with the municipality of Shefa-Amr

Fares Halahlih

The DECOST team in Israel, from the Galilee Society, organized some days ago a workshop for the staff of the City Improvement Division (CID), in the Shefa-Amr Municipality, to present them this project funded thanks to the ENI CBC Med Programme and to work in future collaborations.

The workshop started with welcoming words by Dr. Manal Haj-Zaroubi, the Scientific Director of the Centre, Mr. Avi Tayyar, Manager of CID-Shefa-Amr, and Professor Isam Sabbah from the DECOST research project. Immediately following the welcoming, they had a tour of the roof-top model garden, with its two composters. The first composter is a classical composter with a capacity of 500 L, and the second is a 50 L using red wiggler worms to produce vermicompost.

The purpose of this garden is to motivate the audience to practice agriculture in the home space, and to motivate them to take the initiative in this area. For this reason, visitors were introduced to various plants that are growing in this unique garden, and the different techniques used to grow them, such as vertical agriculture, urban agriculture and permaculture.

The workshop continued with a presentation about the connection and the collaboration of the DECOST project with the activities of the CID-Shefa-Amr, and the importance of the partnership between the municipality and the Galilee Society. The workshop was concluded with a Ramadan Iftar (breaking the fast) for the participants and organizers of the workshop.