NAWAMED: Raising awareness of young people on water saving and the importance of nature-based solutions


In the frame of awareness activities conducted by NAWAMED project, the Centre for Water Research and Technologies - CERTE, participated in the program of activities established by the Tunis Science City for the celebration of the World Water Day on Saturday, March 19, 2022.

The day started with a program of games and workshops for children followed by activities for juniors: pH of water, composition of water, virtual water, preparation of aqueous solutions, water cycle, etc. organised by Tunis Science City. A specific session was animated by the team of the NAWAMED project. It consists of a presentation of the NAWAMED project objectives for the general public followed by a quiz for the children on basic knowledge about water in the world and in Tunisia in order to enhance the water culture in the collective memory and to sensitize them about the water saving and the good management of the water resources. Young and their family’s members participated in the quiz which gave a clear picture of the water resources and the current water situation as well as the need to preserve this resource.

This workshop was also an opportunity to explain to the youths the nature-based solutions that will allow the treatment of wastewater for reuse and valorization of non-conventional water. The team distributed the NAWAMED project's drawing kit to the young participants so that they could draw what they had learned about the value of water and non-conventional waters on their return. They are also encouraged to draw pictures that reflect their messages on the occasion of the World Water Day-2022.

The rendez-vous is set for the next World Water Day!