iHERITAGE: Introducing Module IV Dedicated To Virtual Walks through Cultural Heritage Monuments in Andalusia


The iHERITAGE Living Labs course "the Interpretation of World Heritage in Andalusia in the 21st Century - Advanced Technological Solutions in the World Today" has been running since March 1st until today, where the Living Labs were presented as part of the EU-funded iHERITAGE project by project partner, El legado Andalusi. The course is proving to be a huge success among students, with openings being filled just a few hours after registration started.

The first three modules have been completed to date, which have so far included a presentation of the Living Lab program, technologies and tools for heritage communication, where pioneering subjects related to heritage were taught, such as: 3D printing, laser cutting for digital manufacturing, immersive reality, exhibition and virtual route production, 360° photography, spherical films, the interactive app MonuMai and so much more. 

Module III, "Creative Strategies for Scientific and Technological Culture Communication", has been dedicated to innovative techniques for scientific and technological culture communication. An approach has been taken to the SmartCity tool, service and strategy marketing, digital marketing of scientific and technological cultural products, digital communication and social media, holography and virtual reconstruction of monuments, start-ups, and scientific tourism to be applied to the dissemination of cultural heritage.

Module IV is currently under construction and is dedicated to cultural and scientific walks, both around world heritage sites in Granada (Alhambra, Albayzin, etc.) and in the virtual mode in Seville (Cathedral and Giralda Tower, Royal Alcázar, Archive of the Indies) and Cordoba (Great Mosque, Historical Center). University professors and experts in each of the areas presented will conduct both theoretical and practical classes, as well as the scientific walks.

Follow us on social media and stay tuned for the launch of the 4th Module and contact us for more information at: info@legadoandalusi.es!