FruitFlyNet-ii in Italy raises awareness of students on the benefit of smart agriculture to the environment


More than 60 high school students from Campobasso region, Italy, attended the event "Green Deal & Great Skills" held on 6th of April at the Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences of Università degli Studi del Molise - University of Molise.

The event visited by different groups of students accompanied by their teachers alternate in the classroom set up for the presentation of FruitFlyNet-ii project.

Dr. Tania Travaglini, technical manager of the project for the University of Molise, after a brief introduction on smart agriculture and the importance of its development, presented the project initiatives, illustrating the aims and contribution of the international cooperation for the development of electronic devices that can be used as valid technological tools to facilitate the activities of farmers and technicians.

Visitors were intrigued by the two prototypes of e-traps for monitoring and control of Ceratitis capitata (olive fly) and Bactrocera oleae (Med fly). They had the opportunity to see and touch the traps and were able to witness a hands-on demonstration of taking a picture and displaying the captures on the monitor.

It was also a good occasion to highlight the environmental benefits of using digital solutions in agriculture to reduce the pesticides pollution and safeguard biodiversity, issues brought to the world’s attention by the World Health Organisation on World Health Day 2022 celebrated on 7th of April.