DECOST workshop in the Verde.tec Forum organized in Athens, Greece

Panagiota Saranti

The University of Patras, member of the DECOST consortium, organized the successful Workshop, “Sustainability and circular economy: The contribution of composting”. The workshop took place in Athens, as part of the 4th International Exhibition, "Verde.tec / Environmental Technologies" and the Verde.tec Forum.

During the workshop Prof. Yorgos Stephanedes and Ms Panagiota Saranti from the University of Patras, Department of Civil Engineering presented the DECOST actions that aim to maintain the quality of life in Mediterranean cities and to ensure a healthy living environment through home and community composting. The importance of composting was discussed in the context of sustainability and the circular economy with relevant stakeholders showcasing their experiences.

In particular, Mr Ioannis Mardikis, Director of the Institute of Circular Economy and Climate Change – EPLO discussed the connection between Circular Economy and Composting, while Ms Chrysoula Christia and Mr Kornilios Vekkos, Agronomists, talked about the contribution of earthworm composting to the circular economy and presented good practices on how composting can be achieved. Furthermore, Ms Myrto Georgiadou, Geologist - Environmentalist MSc, Mesogeos S.A., made a presentation on Municipal Solid Waste and the Organic fraction sorting at source. Ms Margarita Karavasili, Architect Urban Planner, former Special Secretary for Environmental and Energy Inspection, Hellenic Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Member of the Board ECOCITY discussed the critical point of citizens' consultation and that codecision means acceptance and success especially when discussing environmental topics, such as home and community composting. 

In the workshop the capitalization of DECOST through the Med4Waste project was also presented by Ms Anastasia Roniotes, Head Officer, Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO-ECSDE).

The 4th international exhibition "Verde.tec / Environmental Technologies" will took place on 18-20 March 2022, at MEC exhibition center in Paiania. The events focused on Green Technologies, Circular Economy and Smart Cities, with exhibitors showcasing innovative products and services at the forefront of tackling climate change and protecting the environment. The Verde.tec Forum offered a wide program of workshops with solutions provided by specialist scientists and companies, and the private and public sector.

The workshop video is available online