Med Pearls brings you a Jordan example of Slow Tourism - spend your holidays in nature!


Accommodation in Nature 

The tourism sector is moving increasingly towards sustainability, as travelers begin to realize the impact, both positive and negative, that they have on the countries they visit. “Slow Travel” has become increasingly popular, and throughout the COVID19 pandemic it has accelerated immensely, and is now practically the new norm with a predicted compound annual growth rate.

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The benefits of staying at Eco-friendly accommodation are varied, when hotels apply an eco-friendly concept, they can actually cut down on their budgets, as well as serve the environment. For example, hotels that use eco-friendly equipment and electronics will have lower utility bills.  To ease your mind, book a room at a green hotel which makes anything you use at the hotel easier to recycle (especially the in-room amenities). Did you know that spending the night at a green hotel not only benefits the environment but has a positive impact on your health too! This is because hotels that produce less waste are healthier. And because getting sick is not on your agenda, while on holiday, eco-friendly hotels have a reduced possibility of germs and bacteria infections. Green hotels also have impressive facilities, making green hotels the perfect place for you and your family.

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Jordan is home to several green hotels

Among the most impressive are the Ajloun Cabins, which are beautifully designed cabins nested in the heart of the Ajloun forest. The Azraq Lodge situated in the heart of the Eastern Desert, a short distance from the Azraq and Shaumari nature reserves, providing comfortable and characterful accommodation.

The Southern Dana Guesthouse is yet another beautifully styled building merges the elements of village vernacular architecture with more modern elements, with a definable Arabic character. It is eco-friendly, and offers breath-taking views of the Reserve.

Another unique, eco-friendly accommodation is the Feynan Ecolodge. Whichever distinctive room you choose, you will enjoy ambient lighting from candles tucked in alcoves around the room and solar-heated showers in your private en-suite bathroom.

Camping is another way to connect with and explore nature, without causing any damaging the environment. Offering visitors an unforgettable experience of Jordan’s stunning scenery, nature and wildlife, consider spending a relaxing stay at the Dana Biosphere Reserves and in the desert of Wadi Rum and be amazed at the spectacular views, star gazing and wildlife.

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Last but not least, you can head to the Mountain Breeze Lodges in the heart of Jordan’s’ beautiful countryside, and spend relaxing, eco-friendly nights in elegant and comfortable log cabins, in the heart of a gorgeous pine and oak forest, facing the Gilead Mountains.

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Slow Tourism shall have positive results on these destinations by conserving intangible local assets in the Middle East including local food, cultures and traditions as well as reducing the negative impact on the environment caused by mass tourism, since it shall focus on ecofriendly activities with a strong community engagement.


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