Slow tourism: short interview with a Med Pearls beneficiary in Palestine


In the framework of the Med Pearls ENI CBC MED project the Palestinan partners did a short interview with Mr. Murad Jarrar, owner of the “Everywhere for Tavel and Tourism” company, as he took part on the Slow Tourism training and participated in the Bridge Events organized by the project. The interview, while short, it allows the reader to see that the concept of Slow Tourism can be challenging in some countries, but thanks to MED projects knowledge and a change for implementation can be key to transform the way tourism is approached. Below you can find the questions and answers of the interview:

1. What did this training add to you?

It added new information about the concepts of Slow Tourism and the possibility of their application in the near future through the use of modern technology to serve the local community.

2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the pilot areas?

Weaknesses: The pilot areas are currently not qualified to receive tourists, whether local or from outside the country, especially in regard to roads (transportation), sleeping and dining areas)

Strengths: We will work to make these concepts of Slow Tourism a success and to use all technological means that serve these concepts

3. Was it difficult to understand the concepts of Slow Tourism?

Of course, in the beginning, I and we, as a company, found it challenging because they are new and unfamiliar concepts, especially since we are a travel agency that deals with the concept of traditional tourism, and this implementation requires time and vigorous efforts from all parties in order to implement it.

4. Is there a difficulty in communicating the concepts of Slow Tourism to tourists, as it is a new and unfamiliar experience?

After we have marketed and prepared the products, we will try to overcome all the difficulties and challenges in order to carry out the work needd to go in line woth Slow Tourism goals.

5. What did add to you and your company traveling with us within the Slow Tourism project and attending meetings and the Bridge Events?

Gaining new experiences and exchanging experiences, knowledge and opinions in many countries in the Mediterranean region, such as Egypt and Spain, in order to achieve the desired results of the slow tourism project.


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