INTECMED in Egypt: Regional Innovation Facility Point connecting innovators and researchers


On the 5th of December 2021, SEKEM, in collaboration with CEEBA, both Egyptian partners of INTECMED, launched the Regional Innovation Facility Point (RIFP) in Alexandria. 

  • Now, what exactly are RIFPs?

RIFPs are small-scale physical places where activities comprising the Business-Ready Innovation Mechanism methodology will take place (call for ideas, living labs, mentorship programme, study visits, B2B, technology transfer exhibitions etc.). There will be 4 RIFP's in the project's target countries: Egypt, Greece, Tunisia and Spain.

  • How will they help you?

Along with the E-bazaar, the RIFP will serve as an innovation hub for knowledge transfer; selected mentoring programme participants will receive their customised training there, they will have access to collaborative spaces, networking opportunities.

The RIFPs are part of INTECMED's long-term sustainability plan since the area will continue to exist after the project is completed.

They will not only act as pre-incubation and entrepreneurial centers, but they will also provide a variety of services, which may translate to different income streams in terms of business models. As a supplementary strategy, they might be backed by governmental investment programmes or private investment funds in exchange for start-up stock.


If you're in Alexandria, Egypt, come visit us from Sunday to Thursday at 350, El Geish st, Gleem, Alexandria, Egypt.


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