Med Pearls Awareness Raising Event + 1st Consensus Building Workshop - Pilot Area: Anoia

During this event, the Med Pearls strategy will be presented in detail to the different local stakeholders in Anoia (Catalonia Region).

Particular attention will be given to explain how local actors can get involved and benefit from the different project actions and funding opportunities.

The second part of the session will take the form of a Consensus Building Workshop where the participants will have their say in the co-design of the approach to take for the slow-tourism initiatives to be developed in the area.

This is an open session particularly addressed to public and private entities from the tourist and ICT sectors developing their activity in the Anoia County (comarca). A non-exhaustive list of the target entities and professionals is:

  • Destination Management Companies, accommodation (e.g. B&B, camping, hostel, cottage, farms or cellars with accommodation), transportation (to destination: train, bus, ferry/boat; in destination: companies for hiking, bike, e-bike, horse, donkey, etc.), "experience" companies (e.g. wine, olive, local products tours, trekking guides, kayaking/canoeing/boat/guides)
  • ICT start-ups or entrepreneurs interested in developing ICT solutions for tourism products
  • Regional and local authorities involved in tourism planning & promotion and rural & urban development, environment protection or tourist information professionals.

More information: Agenda of the event (in Catalan)

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