INTECMED in Tunisia: how the Cap Bon region supports the exploitation of research results


It became a priority in the regional and global context that technology transfer and innovation are development factors to face the economic world. In addition, any industry requires the establishment of systems of skills to support this transfer and encourage innovative entrepreneurship and improve the employability of young people, including researchers. Innovation is considered an undeniable lever of territorial attractiveness.

The Cap Bon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, partner of the INTECMED project and a regional development actor in the region of Nabeul and Zaghouan in Tunisia, works to promote the economic development of the region, boost the experience of its territory, promote technology transfer, and innovation for better development of the resources enjoyed by the region. It contributes to the achievement of national objectives in terms of exploitation of research and development results.

The INTECMED project "Incubators for innovation and technology transfer in the Mediterranean" is a concrete example to promote the innovation process through the development of an innovative ecosystem integrated at the local level, to support the technology transfer and commercialization of research results, to create an interactive dynamic environment and allow economic enterprises to take advantage of new solutions proposed and participate in sustaining job creation.

With the trend of changes known on the markets towards the improvement of settings, the CCI Cap Bon works to multiply the links with the world of technology and research for the best coordination among stakeholders. The chamber also promotes distinguished territorial visibility by highlighting, through the INTECMED project, the regional performance through the identification of good practices that can help discover new innovative economic solutions, in order to promote interactivity between the different actors: university-enterprise-public authorities and to further boost the position of the region of Cap Bon, as well as Tunisia, in the field of innovation.

Moreover, the CCI Cap Bon also informs entrepreneurs on the priority areas affected by research and development, as well as the objectives of the latter and other ways of development, including the technopoles that are distributed throughout the country, and which represent a lever of innovation in Tunisia.

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