Med Pearls partner insights on supporting women inclusion in digital Tech-Tourism in Palestine


According to the most recent available data for the State of Palestine, women account for only 9%of tourism employees, despite accounting for 49.5% of workers in the broader economy (reference). This factor is significant for macroeconomics, legal, policymaking, ... and of course, for tourism. Since tourism is currently having to adapt to a changing world where technology is more relevant than ever, tech-tourism supposes an oportunity to include women in the tourism market.

Digital technologies can offer exciting new opportunities for women's empowerment and innovation in tourism when targeted gender-sensitive training is provided and women have access to appropriate technology. In this regard, we arguably need to work at least in two ways:

  • Expanding women’s access to digital technologies, including digital tourism platforms
  • Providing targeted training for women to enhance innovation through digital technologies in tourism

We (man and woman) must arguably work to help women empower themselves to keep pace with the forever changing technological world and to promote their ideas and projects, regardless of health, economic and social conditions. This is particularly important in the world of digital marketing, e-commerce, and digital and technological leadership. Arguably, we should also help develop the capabilities and skills of women in using modern technologies in coding and big data in addition to branding and marketing. Overall, we want to live in a world that helps us achieve gender inclusion were women are able to have sustainable incomes and comfortable and stable living conditions, this is why technology should be seen, in particular in the field of tourism (but not limited to) as an an area where females can bring new perspectives. 

Regarding the tourism side, it is important to focus on the importance of using technology to help woman to obtain job opportunities in the tourism sector. Technology can be a method of social and gender inclusion by closing the differences between males and females regarding technological literacy. For instance, technology is used to identifying new job opportunities or to promote products and companies. In this regard, developing women's skills in the marketing content industry in various areas of communication and digital marketing, as well as skills in using websites and social networks, can enable them to develop their own projects (i.e. market their products) or access better paid jobs. The significance of these skills lies on encouraging innovation in order to ensure continued empowerment as well as (in some cases) preparation for the labour market.


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