FISH MED NET in Palestine explores the advantages of developing public private partnerships for the fishing sector


The Palestinian partner of FISH MED NET , on the 22 of November 2021 ESDC, organized the first-round table in Palestine with representatives of the public and the private sector in fisheries including fishermen and their private professional organizations. Local public actors in charge of the fishery sector took part in the event in the presence of the department of fisheries/MOA and the fishermen's union  as service providers  were invited to introduce and discuss the common concept of public-private partnerships (PPPs) as an important institutional mechanism for sustainability  and inclusiveness for the development of fisheries sector and to define the differentopportunities andconstraints they may encounter.

The fishing sector in Gaza Strip is considered an  important economic resource, and it participates in supporting the Palestinian Gross Domestic Product. Fishing in Gaza Strip is not easy and  involves a high‐risk profession. The risks of the fishing are not limited to the nature of work and safety, it also entails other risks that are unforeseen to fishermen around the world. Israeli attacks on fishermen while in "allowed fishing areas”, restrict fishing areas and deprive fishermen of access to rich fishing areas.  In addition to the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, which restricts the entry of fishing gears and repair materials for boats, engines, ropes, and fiberglass.

The public -private partnership model discussed as a unique model could be one of the best models as a method of cooperation in the provision of public services and overcoming the challenges that hinder the fishing sector in Gaza.

In addition to that, the best practices of success of partnership between the two sectors depend mainly on the maturity of the Palestinian legal and legislative environment, the provision of human competencies, and the experience of the private sector in implementation .

Finally, the discussions with the actors led to a desire to create new opportunities for public/private partnership in the fisheries sector, is becoming increasingly important for furthering development goals in fisheries in Palestine


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