GREENinMED identifies new Spanish providers of water and energy solutions


The Spain Chamber of Commerce (CCI) has consulted technological centres specialized in water and energy from Valencia and Andalusia in order to promote the collaboration between technological centres in the Mediterranean Region.

After the development of the GREENinMED Benchmark of water and energy technologies by Capenergies, Arava Institute, Kinneret College and Iswa, the Spain Chamber of Commerce ensures the value creation considering the state of play of innovation in the Spanish Mediterranean Region.

In order to reinforce the cross-border collaboration, Spanish technological experts in water and energy efficiency analysed the GREENinMED benchmark in order to identify the most suitable technologies for Spanish hotel companies and to add Spanish providers that offer competitive and convenient Water and Energy Solutions.

The documents include the steps and the methodology followed by the Spanish technological experts BIOAZUL SL and AIDIMME for the analysis. They reviewed the template developed and analysed the current situation in the Spanish tourist sector identifying new technologies, best practices in Spain and other relevant sources of information (case studies, guides, statistics, etc.)

The objective of this activity is to foster setting-up collaborative cross-border value chains on eco-innovation in the Mediterranean under the framework of the GREENinMED project. 

Energy efficiency solutions 
Water efficiency solutions