iHERITAGE: supporting the valorisation of cultural heritage through new technologies

Description and objectives

ASub-grants will be relevant for the job creation based on innovation growth processes and will ensure the long-lasting strategies of the project and the commercial exploitation of research results. 

Potential beneficiaries

Sub-grants aim to involve researchers, NEET, young people, and women as part of the innovation ecosystem launched by iHERITAGE at cross border level.

Total budget available

250.000 €

Number of sub-grants and breakdown by country

Sub-grants will be managed by the Department of Tourism of Sicilian Region (Italy), the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations (Egypt), the Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Spain), the General Department of Antiquities of Jordan and the Lebanese American University). Each partner will offer a total of € 50.000 as sub grant for the constitution of spin-off and innovative SME’s and start-ups. In this way, sub grants will create a total of 35 new companies at cross border level.

Actions to be carried out with the sub-grants

Successful innovative products and services envisaged and developed by the project, prototyped, and tested within the Living Labs using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality for the valorization of tangible and intangible cultural heritage. They will be the core business of spin-offs which will be created by the project. Specific calls for the valorisation of cultural heritage through new technologies will be launched with the aim to select innovative ICT projects proposed by individual researchers, university department, NEETs, young people, and women. They will be awarded funds for the constitution of spin-offs/newco, co-patenting and will benefit from facilitations, commercialisation and capitalisation activities offered by the project. The new spin-offs will be conveyed through the other means developed by the project: Living Labs, B2B and promotional events.

Selection criteria and award procedure

The assignment of funds relating to selected project through Calls for Action (leading to the development of innovative products/services) will follow to public procurement procedures, in accordance with EU, national and regional law and with the Programme’s guidelines on sub-grants management. The public procedures will select the best project ideas envisaging the creation on new companies (spin offs) for the commercialization of innovative products developed within the project.
Potential sub-grantees will be evaluated in consideration of the following criteria:
•    competences and proven experiences in ICT development envisaged by the project
•    impact that products/services could generate on the territory in terms of economic revenue and potential employment outcomes
•    a strong growth orientation in the medium and long terms
•    a strong focus on innovation
•    state aid rules applied to single beneficiaries
The call will be published through appropriate means, to ensure the principles of
transparency and equal treatment, as well as a wide dissemination amongst the target groups
identified as potential sub-grantees.

Information on the call, applications and deadline

iHERITAGE Lebanon Announces Guidelines for Sub-Grant Applicants: Unlocking the Potential of Mediterranean Cultural Heritage with Innovative Technology. CLOSING DATE: 11/07/2023


Maria Trapani
Sicily Tourism Department
(+39) 333 8639108