The resolution is here: get to know the first granted slow tourism products of Med Pearls!


Under the funded program of ENI CBC MED of the European Union, the Med Pearls project launched in 2021 a Call for Proposals for Subgrants for the creation of Slow Tourism products across six Mediterranean countries of Egypt, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Palestine and Spain. We explained the call in our July article and before closing the year 2021 we are ready to provide the name of the first organisations in Egypt, Greece, Italy, Palestine and Jordan who won a grant for the creation of slow tourism products.


The process

The call for proposals closed in 30th of September of 2021 in Catalonia and on the 15th of October in Jordan, Italy, Egypt, Greece and Palestine. A total of 31 companies submitted their proposals. More specifically the numbers were: 2 in Egypt, 5 in Italy, 4 in Palestine, 2 in Jordan, 9 in Greece and 9 in Catalonia.

To determine the winners, each country counted with a panel made from members of the Advisory Group and Med Pearls project partners who evaluated the proposals. On a first instance the members separately allocated points to each one of the proposals. Then they met to put the individual evaluations together and determine the winners.

The resolution

After the panel evaluation, we can let you know about the winning companies for the following countries:




  • Wesbite:
  • Proposal title: Hidden detsinations, big emotions: when small is better and the trip is an experience













Soon you will have information about the touristic products they are going to create!


New Call for Proposals for Jordan, Egypt and Palestine!

Stay tunned! Since the Med Pearls project still have funds available for these 3 countries, a new Call for Proposals will be launched before the end of the year!