Skills4Sports in Greece asks key stakeholders in the sports sector about the gap skills of young people


 TREK S.A. and the Development Agency of Evia, both Greek partners of Skills4Sports, have launched an online survey addressing key stakeholders about the acquired skills for jobs in the sports industry in Greece.

 Are you a key stakeholder in the sports industry in Greece?
Is your organization interested in increasing the employability of young people in the sports sector?
Evaluate what are the missing skills of young people and tell us the ones needed to create the tools for NEETs. Please fill in our online questionnaire in Greek here
It will only take you 3 minutes.

Skills4sports is here with the aim to increase the employability of NEETs in the Mediterranean area in the sports sector by developing new professionals,reducing the mismatch of skills, and involving key stakeholders including sports community, businesses active in sports sector, public authorities, training institutions, NGOs and social organisations active in sports, youth and employment.

 Skills4Sports will increase the capacities of the NEETs to find better jobs with more than 200 job contracts expected thanks to the adjustment of skills’ mismatch between offer and demand.