ENI CBC Med celebrates the first-ever international Day of the Mediterranean


We are happy to announce that the ENI CBC Med Programme is an official partner of the Mediterranean Day, and that we will mark this landmark moment with specific activities involving our community and projects. The Day of the Mediterranean, to be celebrated annually on 28 of November from 2021 onwards, is an initiative of the Union for the Mediterranean to “highlight achievements, embrace diversity, to strengthen ties between our two shores and to deepen our understanding of each other.” Let’s discover what’s on the agenda. 

Olive oil tasting with young people

On 30 November 2021, the ENI CBC Med Programme is organizing a Mediterranean olive oil tasting with young people. To highlight the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet and its undeniable star product, a group of high school students will taste olive oil from the countries involved in the ENI CBC MED Programme, namely Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Palestine, Portugal, Spain, and Tunisia.

The ENI CBC Med project ARTOLIO, which aims is to support and connect small extra virgin olive oil producers from the Mediterranean, through its Spanish partner will guide the tasting and introduce the students to the fantastic world of olive oil. The event will take place in Valencia (Spain) at the premises of the Programme’s Branch Office for the Western Mediterranean.

Olive oils from small producers will represent their respective country and the best ranked oils will be further promoted on the Programme website and social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). 

An information campaign featuring a selection of Mediterranean olive oil small producers will be launched a few days before the event on social media.

The Mediterranean in one word

To celebrate the Mediterranean Day with the ENI CBC MED projects, the Programme is participating in the campaign “What does the Mediterranean mean to you? Tell us in 1 word!” coordinated by the Union for the Mediterranean. 

During the week before the 29 November, 5 short videos will be published presenting the voice of our projects on the Mediterranean. We are keen to find out what the Mediterranean means to our ENI CBC MED community!

Learn more about the Mediterranean Day on the dedicated website and follow the conservation #MediterraneanDay on social media.
About the Day of the Mediterranean

In November 2020, the 42 Member States of the Union for the Mediterranean declared the 28th of November as the official Day of the Mediterranean, to be marked annually, calling upon the entire Mediterranean community and everyone who identifies with the Mediterranean to celebrate the lasting legacy of this age-old agora of cultural dialogue, wisdom and humanism.

The Mediterranean nowadays evokes a wide array of emotions and is an irreplaceable feature of our lives. A fascinating land to some, a source of livelihood for others and a home to many. It is here in the Mediterranean that the past is ever-present and the “other” is never far.

This unanimous decision by Member States comes at a challenging time, as we face unprecedented crises. However, we cannot afford to lose hope. We must remember – and celebrate – how rich the Mediterranean is: rich in history, in natural resources, and in people. Our region holds immense potential for our story to continue as one of hope, as we build the future we all want to see.