DECOST: School kids in Anabta, Palestine, learned about waste management and composting

Tahseen Sayara

Amongst the environmental awareness campaign in Anabta and Kufr Rumman, the DECOST project coordinator at the Polytechnical University Kadoorie (PTUK), Ruba Hanoun, visited the Anabta primary girls’ school, to follow up with the work progress of their environmental awareness activities.

13 years old female students had volunteered in rehabilitation and agriculture of the school garden, as they cleaned the land and started collecting plants and farming different types of seeds and plants. Moreover, students expressed their willing to apply composting technique at their school. Then, Ms. Ruba Hanoun described to students the current procedure of solid waste management in Palestine, and the resulting negative effects on the environment, to highlight the positive effects of the current pilot to introduce composting in Anabta.

Also, arrangements were made with the students to spread knowledge about composting concept to the other school students through short presentations, to involve the whole school in the awareness campaign. Moreover, the school management team will invite school neighborhoods to explain the composting pilot and its benefits.