Spain: MED GAIMS applies the concept of TRANSMEDIA to enhance tourism storytelling


TRANSMEDIA refers to the use of different channels to tell a story. Although it has been conceptualized for quite a long time, this technique has recently been in rapid evolvement with the arrival of internet and the revolution of the digital technology.

In the transmedia concept, a whole world is depicted where some stories live together but with some hierarchies for bringing order to this apparent chaos. The goal of transmedia is to engage users with hooking storytelling and to help them utilizing different channels in order to learn more deeply about the broad story. 

Some technical concepts are relevant to the transmedia content:

-    Mother text: is the main story. The body where everything stems from, it is the spinal for the whole storytelling concept. 
-    Orbital text: is the text that provides extra information to the “mother text”. It is unnecessary to understand the whole story, but gives additional content about characters; for example, certain episodes.
-    Canon: are the contents created by the transmedia campaign creators. This content is conceived as fix and cannot be modified.
-    Fandom: is the content created by the fans, taking the open doors that the canon content provides. Highly motivated fans can create and develop extra content that sometimes can become a canon.

The Agency of Secrets: platforms

The MED GAIMS-Spain project provides 10 gamified experiences to be deployed in the tourist destinations of Vilanova i la Geltrú: City Centre and SeaFront. Each of these experiences are a game in itself, some of them digital and others are analog. The use of different technologies provides the chance to utilize different channels to provide a whole transmedia experience.

In the case of Vilanova i la Geltrú, the mother concept is “The Agency of Secrets”, a secret organization that fights to keep the secrets of the city; but the Agency has a story in itself and it is the mother text. As long as the users participate in game experiences they can discover more and more the real story of The Agency of Secrets.

A whole network of connections has been created between the different experiences to keep the users in the track of all the clues and different plot twisting of the story. In order to know the whole story of The Agency of Secrets, players will have to be able to finish the 10 gamified experiences of the project.