DECOST involves influential women from Anabta, Palestine in waste reduction and recycling awarness campaign

Tahseen Sayara

After the commitment acquired by the Municipality of Anabta and the Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie, the public awareness activities organized in relation to the DECOST pilot activity in Palestine are becoming more active every day. The main objective of the responsibles of the pilot is to reach as many people as possible at all levels in a short time, to ensure that the first months of the new waste management model count with the involvement of the citizens.

For these reason, a startup workshop was conducted with a group of influential women from Anabta. The group consisted of representatives from charitable associations, entities and other women who have an active role in the town for their participation in its social life. The aim of the meeting was to introduce the details of the DECOST pilot activity in Anabta, to explain essential concepts about community composting and to identify how to collaborate to increase the people's interest in waste reduction and recycling.

The group was attentive and willing to cooperate with the team to apply the new waste management model based in composting, and will collaborate to spread the idea in Anabta. Moreover, they came up with new ideas for improving the public awareness in schools and in other areas of the community.

On the side of the workshop, a meeting was conducted with the head of mosques’ Imams in Anabta to announce about home composting to prayers during the Friday sermon.