MEDISS يقدم مجلس مياه سردينيا، إيطاليا

Michela Cordeddu, CRENoS

المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية

ENAS - Ente Acque della Sardegna (Sardinian Water Board) is the Sardinian operating entity that manages the Sardinia's multi-sectorial water system composed of various water collection and distribution works.

Established in 2006, the Board’s activities are based on the principle that water is a precious and limited resource with enormous environmental, cultural, and economic value to be protected. In this regard, the Board has been working towards the achievement of the highest standards possible for the water delivered. Its efficiency can be correctly maintained through one of its specialized structured - the current Delivered Water Quality Service (SQAE) - provided with its own laboratory equipped with avant-garde instrumentation. ENAS has designed and constructed large water infrastructures for the long-term development of the Sardinia, guaranteeing water supply to urban, agricultural and industrial areas, in a typical Mediterranean semi-arid region.

A strategic MEDISS partner

In MEDISS ENAS coordinates the activities of the Work Package 3 "Analisys and Monitoring" with the support of the technical Board of Experts (BoE).

WP3 embraces the whole project and it aims at collecting relevant and consistent baseline data in the 4 MEDISS areas. In particular: analysing and organizing data in a comprehensive database; providing target values and monitoring tools; evaluating MEDISS impact on water, soils and crops during and after pilot tests; identifying up-scaling opportunities and elaborating solid proposal for future funding.

Moreover, ENAS is in charge to coordinate quantitative and qualitative water analysis and soil study and analysis.


ENAS staff