MEDISS في ليلة حاسمة، ليلة الباحثين الأوروبيين 2020


 المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية

The MEDISS project at Sharper Night, the European researchers' night 2020 of the University of Cagliari.

The MEDISS Italian partners, together with the Project Manager Eng. Monther Hind and the Mayor of Arborea Manuela Pintus, participated in a round table entitled "Unconventional water resources in the Mediterranean area (Risorse idriche non convenzionali nel Mediterraneo)"

The round table was included in the events of the European Researchers' Night 2020 with research and researchers from the University of Cagliari.

The MEDISS Communication Manager, Dr. Anna Pireddu, moderated the debate in which the following people took part:

  • Eng. Monther Hind, MEDISS Project Manager (Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group)
  • Dr. Manuela Pintus, Mayor of Arborea
  • Prof. Giovanni Sistu, Senior research coordinator (CRENoS - North South Economic Research Center)
  • Prof. Aide Esu, Senior facilitator (CRENoS - North South Economic Research Center)
  • Dr. Maria Antonietta Dessena, Project partner coordinator (ENAS - Sardinian Waterboard Company)
  • Dr. Roberto Meloni, Responsible for the management of the ammonia stripping plant (ENAS - Sardinian Waterboard Company)

The event talked about the impact that MEDISS has in the pilot areas involved in the project, in particular, in the pilot site of Arborea.

In Arborea, MEDISS is developing a prototype for ammonia stripping from waste sludges to produce fertilizers, in a plant equipped with biogas cogeneration.

The full video is available here