MEDISS Facilitators meeting: heading towards stronger enlargement of stakeholders

On September 24, 2020 a MEDISS Facilitators web meeting took place for an exchange of views on the progress of stakeholders mapping and profile update. On this occasion, the meeting took place only between Italian and Jordanian partners. 

The event arose from the need to try to speed up the organization of meetings with local stakeholders: there is in fact the necessity to enlarge the map of stakeholders, of various profiles, to have more data available. The general situation is not simple, even today the spread of COVID slows down the work. 

The Jordanian partners presented the list of stakeholders to meet; through their considerations and suggestions, the goal of improving access to water resources for irrigation and domestic use will be optimally achieved.
The proposal was to further expand the list of people to meet and interview.

Weekly meetings have been scheduled to monitor progress and make up for lost time due to the pandemic.

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