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INNOMED-UP: Status of Circular Economy in Jordan and Opportunities of Enhancement

FEPC has conducted a SWOT / PEST analysis with the attendance of 45 participants representing the project stakeholders in Jordan. The workshop aimed to raise the knowledge and awareness toward circular economy “CE” concept, and to capitalize on the existing efforts and knowledge of the stakeholders to develop an understanding toward strengthen and weaknesses, as well as to explore the opportunities and threats. In addition, the workshop has investigated the political, environmental, social and technological aspects related to CE in Irbid city of Jordan. 


Stakeholders attended the workshop represented various entities, and individual experts in the field of environment, green growth, circular economy and other sectors. They have discussed the role of the private sector to establish small and medium enterprises in CE field. In addition, an emphasize on accountability of the Government of Jordan to facilitate the adoption of CE in Jordan have been discussed, especially the role of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and the Greater Irbid Municipality. Moreover, the attendance stressed on the necessity to advocate for the embracing of CE by environmental unions, NGOs, and civil society organizations. Lastly, an active discussion on the importance of including researchers, youth, women, academia and in the campaign.


This session has followed by an in-depth analysis of the CE concept in Jordan to identify the internal strength and weaknesses that are affecting its adoption or might support more implementation. The external factors that are affecting Irbid city from triggering the execution of CE have been discussed into the opportunities and threats identification. This session has also aimed to segregate the collected information, and prioritize these to end up with a clear SWOT analysis for CE in Jordan. The last session was dedicated to analyze the political, environmental, social and technological factors that might affect CE implementation in Jordan either positively or negatively. The participants contributed their knowledge and experiences to draw the road map, which help FEPC to get the full picture and understanding toward CE PEST factors.


The workshop concluded the high potential to establish, adopt and implement CE concept effectively in Jordan. This is proved by the reflections provided by the Ministry of Environment representative who have assured that the government of Jordan is seriously considering CE in her future planning. He have acknowledge FEPC for leading this project as a partner of the INNOMED-UP project partner in Jordan, and called for more coordination and discussion.

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