INNOMED-UP good practices for Circular Economy: Recycling wood to create furniture.

The Center for Economic and Social Research (CRESM), INNOMED-UP Project Partner, is managing an area where recycling of wood to create furniture is being practiced as a tool of Circular Economy.

Nuove Officine Zisa (NOZ) machinery are turned on to create the furnishings themselves for the Nuove Officine Zisa: a research center for experimenting with traditional craftsmanship knowledge and techniques, with the use of environmentally friendly natural materials.

Promoting sustainable innovation also means trying not to throw away the waste of processed raw materials, but reuse them to create furniture and decorations, explains Ennio Cerami - NOZ collaborator and expert in woodworking - who in this video tells us about the process of production that is behind the furnishings that are present in this space today.