iHERITAGE in Lebanon showcases the Rachid Karami International Fair inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List

In this video you will discover the Rachid Karami International Fair which was designed in 1962 by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer in Tripoli, north of Lebanon.

It is one of the major representative works of 20th century modern architecture in the Arab Near East. It represents the integration of Brazilian modernist concepts into the context of the Arab Near East and is a vivid example of cultural exchange in the field of architecture.
The World Heritage Committee used an emergency procedure to inscribe the site, due to its alarming state of conservation, the lack of financial resources for its maintenance, and the latent risk of development proposals that could affect the integrity of the complex. The site was therefore inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger in  January 2023, which opens access to enhanced international assistance both technical and financial.