GIMED: تاليا، مزرعة عضوية تنتج الخضروات باستخدام الطاقة المتجددة في فلسطين

Soo Ann, Pexels

 المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية

Talia Organic Farm is a sustainable project that is receiving training in Palestine throughout Green Impact MED (GIMED). In a nutshell, Talia is an organic farm that produces vegetables without chemicals and by using renewable energy and water harvesting. This is the main idea behind this early-stage initiative managed by Basheer Khader, an agronomist based in the Palestinian city of Jenin, in the northern West Bank.

“As for my experience with the ENI CBC MED programme, it is an enjoyable and useful experience that is strengthening my information and making me ready to enter the labour market”, says Basheer Khader. He found out about the GIMED project through word of mouth and immediately sent his application.

GIMED is giving green innovators and researchers the chance to turn their solutions into successful green start-ups. From the training sessions Talia Organic Farm has extracted many learnings, from how to establish their mission and vision, to how to develop their revenue model.

Our partner in Palestine, Leaders Foundation ,is building the capacities of selected researchers and innovators throughout offering them the needed access to financing and networking opportunities and supporting them to develop their green business model to bring their innovation to the Mediterranean markets, contribute to a greener economy, and secure more jobs, especially for women and youth.

In line with thos goal, Talia Organic Farm’s will produce and sell healthy vegetables for consumption in Jenin, through a business model deeply committed to preserve natural resources and respect the environment. Apart from Talia, other Palestinian start-ups are also receiving support under the EU-funded under the ENI CBC MED Programme, GIMED.