FISH MED NET - #MeetOurPartners 2: - إدارة المصايد،Legacoop Agroalimentare إيطاليا


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Meet the partner of the FISH MED NET project, Legacoop Agroalimentare - Fishery Department

The Department of Fishery Legacoop is vested in promoting sustainable practices to the small and medium enterprise fishing vessels throughout Italian waters. Legacoop proudly represents 300 fishing cooperative and 95 businesses with a turnover of 300 million euros within their portfolio. The total number of boats involved within the portofolio exceeds 3100 comprising 25% of the Italian small-scale fishery fleet. More importantly Legacoop Department of Fishery is also incorporating all actors along the supply chain within the fishery sector in a continuos effort to sustain the entire fishery sector.

For the project, this partner will play the role of partner will be in charge of networking, diversification and project management.

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