[CROSSDEV] : تم إستقبال 41 طلبًا للحصول على إعانة فرعية في فلسطين


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Announcing the call for subgrants

In order to identify the service providers along the new segment of the trail from Beit Mersim to Battir such as homestays, women centers, MSMEs, who will provide hikers & tourists with services like hospitality, food, information, etc. MIAK team started the preparation of the service providers’ subgrants call at the beginning of March 2020 (during the COVID-19 lockdown).
The preparation included developing grants guidelines, application forms and selection criteria for each subgrant’s type and it was published on June 8th.

Spreading the word

Soon after CROSSDEV’s and MIAK’s publication of the grants’ call on their social media, all 16 communities along the new trail started to share it on their official pages

In addition to that, to make sure that the locals were informed about the grants, MIAK produced a leaflet and asked the Local Authorities to print it and disseminate it all over the main villages’ facilities, shops and other high-visible places.


Workshops for the applicants

Between 15 and 23 of June, MIAK conducted 5 workshops for people from the 16 villages along the newly extended area of the trail and willing to apply for the subgrants.
Around 46 people representing women centers, small and medium businesses and individual community members attended the workshops. The purpose was to introduce the guidelines to the interested applicants, to train them on how to fill the grant application and to understand the grants procedures.


The result: 41 valid applications received

MIAK and the communities’ coordinators showed great commitment to encourage the locals to apply for the subgrants. 

Such a dedicated effort ended with 44 applications submitted from 14 communities out of the 16 along the trail. Since three applications, coming from a nearby community not included in trail (Rebound village) had to be disqualified, the total of valid application was 41.


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