Covid-19 لم يوقفنا. إعادة تشكيل خطط CROSSDEV مع دورات تدريبية تعاونية رقمية.

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A sudden change in the plan
Re-inventing ourselves and re-programming our habits: this has been the mood during the Covid-19 crisis. And even CROSSDEV schedule had to be tweaked to tackle the constraints imposed by the pandemic, such as the impossibility to move and the closure of the cultural sites involved in the project. After a shared reflection and without wasting any time, the partners decided to skip forward – while waiting for the ordinary activities to resume – and scheduled a series of digital meetings, held by CoopCulture, to provide training on the upcoming CROSSDEV platform.  

The CROSSDEV platform: a unique container for a diverse tourist offer

“We imagined the CROSSDEV platform as a unique digital space – in the words of Giovanna Barni CoopCulture Head of Development -, easy to use and to adapt to the project’s needs, where all partners could add and promote a new, sustainable tourist offer. A Content Management System where all partners can upload and share their products, itineraries and tours, describe their regions and open to the world.”

Experiences and people are the keywords of this digital project. The aim of the platform is to promote a new way of traveling, to address the less-known Mediterranean regions as a unique multifaceted destination, and to meet the needs of conscious travellers. People need to “experience places”: taste original flavours, find genuine local lifestyles and, at the same time, use an easy online tool to plan their journeys and reach the local operators. Why don’t giving them both?

The training webinars
The training meetings began during the spring and ended in July.
On April 16thmore than 20 people from different cities in the Mediterranean area met online and listened to Paolo, CoopCulture Chief Information Officer, who introduced the CROSSDEV platform and its main features. A general overview to get participants acquainted with the website and to show them different ways to promote a unique conjoint tourist offer.

The training went on during the summer and became more specific focusing on the actual use of the platform and the creation of the digital contents. In 4 meetings of in-depth explanation, 12 selected participants discovered, accompanied step by step by Marianna – CoopCulture digital content specialist – how to create attractive and user-friendly web pages. As well as a training, it was the occasion for a general reflection on the contents and the possibilities created by the new platform, a cooperative digital learning that enriched the overall CROSSDEV experience of all participants.

Waiting for the next step of our digital adventure… stay tuned!

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