AQUACYCLE يقيم تازر مع مشروع SolarTwins ضمن Horizon 2020


  المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية

The Spanish research team, CIEMAT-PSA, in the AQUACYCLE Partnership took part in a series of live webinars organized in the framework of the EU funded Horizon 2020 SolarTwins project.

The aim of the SolarTwins project is to step-up the scientific excellence of the Centre for Solar Energy Research and Applications (METU-GÜNAM) in Turkey. In this context, the Centre organized a series of webinars which invited leading experts to make online presentations that are tailored to support the realization of the following strategic objectives: 

  1. Support Turkey’s energy transition through the development & commercialization of Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) technologies;
  2. Catalyze domestic CST economic activity by supporting growth in markets, industrial capacities, and industrial activities;
  3. Strengthen Turkey’s CST Research and Innovation (R&I) capacities, including by creating globally competitive CST research opportunities at Turkish universities.

In his concluding address of the final seminar in the Winter 2020/2021 programme of Webinars, the event organizer, Derek Baker, shared his thoughts with the audience:

I am happy that there was sustained interest throughout all 8 of these seminars and that we were able to reach an audience that was a nice mixture of academia and industry and from a diverse set of institutions from throughout Turkey and globally, as to me this suggests that these webinars filled a need.

I think Turkey has a lot of untapped potentials in solar thermal driven water treatment technologies and I am looking forward to strengthening our collaborations with CIEMAT-PSA to realize these potentials.

The recordings of the presentation on the occasion of the final webinar by Dr. Isabel Oller, Head of Solar Treatment of Water Unit (Plataforma Solar de Almería, CIEMAT-PSA), entitled Water-Energy-Food nexus in industrial and urban wastewater recovery can be accessed from this link on  YouTube.

The recordings of the presentation made earlier in the series of webinars by Dr. Inmaculada Polo, Research at CIEMAT-PSA, entitled Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria: Occurrence and removal from Urban Wastewater can be accessed from this link on You Tube.

Additional information on the SolarTwins project and this webinar series is available at