AQUACYCLE’s public participatory mapping gets spotlight from Eurisy


The selection of AQUACYCLE as project of the month of February 2021 by the Malta Council for Science and Technology, has been picked up by the Eurisy team.

Eurisy’s User Programme Coordinator, Ms Grazia Fiore, invited Anna Spiteri and Dirk De Ketelaere, who founded Integrated Resources Management Company Ltd (IRMCo) in Malta in 1994, to explain how the use of satellite imagery can help to empower local communities to become active participants in the planning process.

The write-up of this interview has been given prominence on the Eurisy website.

Earlier, Anna and Dirk also brought an opinion piece on democratizing spatial decision-making in the water and sanitation sector to mark World Social Justice Day.

Eurisy is a Paris based, non-profit association gathering space agencies, international organisations, research institutions, and private businesses involved or interested in space-related activities across Europe. To fulfill its scope, Eurisy stimulates dialogue and collaboration between public institutions at any level, SMEs, industry and academia from the space and non-space sectors.

The AQUACYCLE Partnership extends its thanks to the Eurisy team and looks forward to a continued exchange of ideas and opportunities to build up satellite applications that effectively respond to today’s challenges for the benefit of society as a whole.