AQUACYCLE witnesses launch of construction works in Blanca, Spain


Following the clearance of the area in which the construction works are foreseen to take place, team members of the Regional Entity for Wastewater Sanitation and Treatment in Murcia (ESAMUR) and the Solar Treatment of Water Unit within the Plataforma Solar de Almeria (CIEMAT-PSA) in the AQUACYCLE Partnership, met on site for a first, informal meeting, with the representatives Jose Antonio Sánchez and Jose Luis Casas of the University of Almería.

This on-site meeting with the University of Almería, which took place on 21 June 2021, served to fine tune aspects related to the location of the raceway pond reactor. The latter will be connected to the outlet of two constructed wetlands, which in turn will be receiving a portion of the treated effluent from the existing anaerobic digester at the Blanca wastewater treatment facility.  In the photo on the right, Pedro Simón Andreu (ESAMUR) clarifies about the respective locations of these components of AQUACYCLE’s eco-innovative wastewater treatment technology.



The cover picture for this news post shows (from left to right):  Jose Antonio Sánchez (University of Almería), Inmaculada Polo Lopez (CIEMAT-PSA), Pedro Simón Andreu and Roman Lopez (ESAMUR), Jose Luis Casas (University of Almería) and Isabel Oller Alberola (CIEMAT-PSA).