AQUACYCLE: Upcoming stakeholder workshop in Tunisia


Organized by the  Centre International des Technologies de l'Environnement de Tunis (CITET) and the 
Centre des Recherches et des Technologies des Eaux (CERTE), the event will take place at the premises of the 
Groupement de Développement Agricole (GDA) Sidi Amor. The venue will enable participants to also visit the 
educational and thematic gardens maintained by GDA Sidi Amor, such as the medicinal garden pictured below.

The event forms part of a first series of stakeholder workshops with the theme Changing the Paradigm 
for Wastewater Reuse.  
The agenda follows the same template as the one adopted for the workshop which took place in Tripoli, Lebanon 
on 25 July 2020,  but on this occasion the workshop will run in French. The full announcement and the 
Progamme (both in French) can be found here.
To start with, participants will invited to identify the issues and challenges related to the reuse of treated 
wastewater as well as possible solutions to overcome these. 
The event also includes presentations on the planned demonstration of an eco-innovative wastewater treatment 
technology on a pilot scale as well as the prototype design of a webGIS based decision support tool towards the 
drawing up of treated wastewater reuse action plans. This will give the opportunity to discuss and collect the 
feedback and expectations about the envisaged AQUACYCLE project outcomes. 
A multitude of stakeholders in Tunisia, representing both public and private bodies concerned with the use 
of non-conventional water resources, wastewater treatment plant operators as well as the scientific research 
community have been invited to join the event.

You are kindly encouraged to confirm your attendance and contribution to this important event by clicking this link.

The same workshop is foreseen to be conducted also in the Region of Murcia, where the event will run in Spanish. For updates, please follow AQUACYCLE on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!