AQUACYCLE relaunches tender for the construction of an eco-innovative wastewater treatment system in Lebanon


The Lebanese University (LU) in the AQUACYCLE partnership has relaunched the tender for the construction of a pilot demonstration unit for the treatment of domestic wastewater in Deddeh, Koura, North Lebanon.

The site is owned by the real estate company Sanabel, through a cooperation agreement the company signed with the Lebanese University, for the purpose of making available a site to demonstrate AQUACYCLE’s eco-innovative wastewater treatment system.

The system will consist of 3 components, i.e. (1) an anaerobic digestion unit, (2) a constructed wetland and (3) a solar treatment reactor for water disinfection and the photocatalytic oxidation of persistent organic pollutants.

The tender invites for the construction and the operationalization of the pilot demonstration unit.

The deadline for the submission of offers is 18 July 2022.

For more information concerning this tender, including the required submission procedure, please visit this link.