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AQUACYCLE presentation in Space for Climate Webinar series

As an invited speaker by Eurisy, Dirk De Ketelaere, Senior Research with Integrated Resources Management Company Ltd (IRMCo) presented the company’s successful use of Participatory GIS combined with use of satellite imagery in a webinar with the theme Space for Sustainable Tourism.

Follow this link to access a write-up by Eurisy entitled Space data to make the tourism industry sustainable. Note that this write-up also contains the link to the recording of IRMCo’s 15 minutes presentation. A digital copy of the presentation can be downloaded from this website here.

The Space for Climate Webinar series is organized by Eurisy, a Paris based, non-profit association gathering space agencies, international organisations, research institutions, and private businesses, and dotSpace, a foundation based in the Netherlands which supports potential end-users of satellite applications by leveraging its network to make experience and expertise available.

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