AQUACYCLE My Autobiography - Unwrapping my early Christmas present


As I was listening in to a telecon between my Project Manager, Dr. Konstantinos Plakas, and my Innovation Manager, Dr. Vasilis Takavakoglou, I realized they had picked up on my sense of frustration with the delays in making my physical appearance a reality. Vasilis commended Kostas to cheer me up with an early Christmas present. They both understood that only a truly creative present was going to make a difference, hence they came up with the idea to invite also my Graphic Designer, Ms. Eleanna Pana to join in their telecon.

Ever so diplomatic, Kostas started by profusely thanking Eleanna for her inspirational designs that have been accompanying the launch of tenders for my physical construction.

                                                    Launch of tenders for my physical construction

Kostas went on to tell Eleanna that he was really impressed that she was producing these cartoons even faster than Lucky Luke could famously draws his colts. 

Somehow that appraisal had an unforeseen outcome, as yet another cartoon appeared in the chatline. By this time, Kostas had not yet touched on the purpose of his call on Eleanna. (Editors’ note: AQUACYCLE seems to imply that Kostas’ narrations can be quite long)

Producing cartoons faster than Lucky Luke could draw his colts

As soon as this latest cartoon appeared, Vasilis jumped back into the conversation and remarked that it perfectly illustrated that “we are not just developing ‘toys for boys’, ladies love the same toys”.

This notion somehow inspired the discussion to reach the understanding that the uptake of any new innovation needs investment, even in the case of what is designed to be a low-cost technology.

Suddenly, Kostas face lit up and he hastened to add: “dear friends, thank you for your time and guidance, I am confident you both just helped me to come up with the perfect present for AQUACYCLE.”

You will understand I was now getting really curious what this present was going to be, but Kostas remained tight-lipped and did not share any further details on what he had in mind during that telecon.

Still, Kostas got it right, I was simply over the moon when Kostas invited me to unwrap my present, a few days after that telecon. I invite you to watch this short video clip and I am sure you will get the point of the present too.

With only three locations in the Med where my physical appearance is planned, this much smaller replica can easily be stowed in a luggage and showcased at trade fairs and exhibitions.

Yes, the prime motivation is to attract the active interest of investors, but I am pretty sure it will be equally valuable to ‘show me off’ in this miniature way in the upcoming events with local communities in Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia. And the dashboard will help to explain about the details of my functioning even to teenage schoolchildren.

“Thanks Kostas for this truly wonderful present, am even more curious now what my Christmas present will look like!”

                What I look like in miniature scale