AQUACYCLE – My Autobiography – Going in poetry mode to mark World Water Day


Still feeling exhilarated from the rollercoaster ride I was on in February 2021 and in the midst of reciting one of my obviously favourite poems:

Twinkle, twinkle, LITTLE STAR
How I wonder what you are

I heard a voice from a water stakeholder in the region of the World you call the Med in short, which sounded rather desperate:

AQUACYCLE, AQUACYCLE please come in haste

For all water is too precious to waste!


Before realizing I had gone into poetry mode, my response was loud and clear:

Rest assured I shall be making my way

For today is World Water Day

I appreciate your trust

But calling on my siblings is a must.


It made perfect sense not to take on this huge challenge by myself, so I first called on my ENI CBC Med sponsored sister projects MEDISS, MENAWARA, NAWAMED and PROSIM:


Dearest ENI CBC Med siblings,

Let me bring you good tidings


You will wish to heed my call,

it is of the highest importance to all


Let me start by reaching out to MEDISS,

for sure this is not an opportunity you will wish to miss!


MENAWARA and PROSIM, greetings to you!

Let us build forces by joining this effort too.


And with the added help of NAWAMED

We shall bring lasting solutions to the water issues in the Med!


I thought best to now also bring my manager, Dr. Konstantinos Plakas (CERTH) up to date on these developments. As usual over these past months, I found him at the lab where he was still busy checking on the tiniest details of my ‘prototype’ laboratory version.

Kostas was all smiles to hear my news, more so as he could confirm that my physical appearance is set to be imminent also in Tunisia. So aside from the town of Blanca is Spain, I will be making a physical appearance in Bent Saidane, which is located in the Zaghouan Governorate in north-west Tunisia, all thanks to the efforts of the colleagues at CITET and CERTE in Tunisia.

Kostas was clearly upbeat and launched this motto to celebrate World Water Day: