AQUACYCLE My Autobiography - Anxiously waiting to make my physical appearance


AQUACYCLE’s My Autobiography collects the first 12 entries in AQUACYCLE’s diary. Subtitled, ‘Anxiously waiting to make my physical appearance’, the manuscript documents AQUACYCLE’s noble but also ambitious journey to shift the paradigm on how treated wastewater is looked at. The impact of climate change that is already being felt around the Mediterranean region, not least among rural communities, calls for an urgent change in the perception of treated wastewater being a waste stream to be disposed of, to that of providing a reliable, all-year-round and abundant resource which can bring economic, social and environmental benefits. 

The author hopes to have given due credit to the active spirit of cooperation among all the research teams in the AQUACYCLE Partnership to reach all of the originally foreseen targets. For sure, in the months ahead, making the physical appearance of AQUACYCLE a reality in different locations around the Mediterranean would bring the proverbial icing on the cake.

Above all we hope you will enjoy this publication, which can be downloaded through this link.