AQUACYCLE - My autobiography


My name is AQUACYCLE and I am looking forward to write-up my autobiography on this online platform over the next 3 years.

My name might be mistakenly interpreted as a means to cycle across water, and I will indeed be criss-crossing the Mediterranean Region, as my creators are from Greece, Lebanon, Malta, Spain and Tunisia.

So I rush to explain that my envisaged destiny is a rather more noble one, as shown in this graphic illustration.

In my physical appearance that is foreseen in Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia, I will be able to showcase how to deliver more water than that which is brought by the natural hydrological cycle. The acute water shortage in our region is well-known, and the vagaries brought by climate change make for a rather gloomy future ahead.

So my timing to bring an additional source of fresh water through the treatment of domestic wastewater could not have been more urgent.

You may be thinking – hold on, what’s new about all this ?

You will soon be able to read up more on how I will be taking advantage of the abundance of solar energy, not least to make such treatment more cost-effective compared with other technologies, and through my functioning also as a new biodiversity habitat that remains not only respectful of the natural environment but brings maximum environmental benefits.

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