AQUACYCLE looks forward to share scientific advances at international symposium


The AQUACYCLE Partnership looks forward to meet up in Beirut to share its latest scientific achievements.

Hosted by the Lebanese University in the AQUACYCLE Partnership, the 4th International Symposium on Materials, Electrochemistry and the Environment will take place from 22 to 24 September in Beirut, Lebanon.

The event is aimed at establishing a regional network of scientists working in all aspects of Materials chemistry, electrochemistry, environmental analytical chemistry and Agro-Geo-chemistry fields.

Organized under the umbrella of CIMEE international research group, the event actively promotes cooperation among countries in the Mediterranean region and the rest of the world, through sharing scientific advances, and by spreading and disseminating new knowledge gained. In particular, the event gives PhD students outstanding opportunities that can greatly enhance their current and future research and scholarly careers.

If you wish to share your own scientific advances, please send an abstract within the extended deadline of 30 June, 2020. Both the template and the submission form for abstracts can be downloaded from this link.