AQUACYCLE launches platform for e-training … and more!


In AQUACYCLE’s 4th e-Newsletter which was issued to our subscribers in July 2021, Angeliki Fotiadou, Vasilis Chatzis and Rizos-Theodoros Chadoulis, from the Centre for Research and Technology, Hellas (CERTH) in Greece, proudly reported the launching of an e-training platform.

Its scope is to provide knowledge in the form of guidance and training for all interested parties, from public authorities and educational organizations to private entities and professionals involved with wastewater treatment.

Once connected to the platform, one can learn everything about the assembly of the eco-innovative wastewater treatment - APOC - system and its possible variations, as well as all the characteristics of its three underlying components, the Anaerobic Digester, the Constructed Wetland and the Solar Raceway Pond Reactor. The user can advance his/her knowledge by watching the individual component-related videos as well as test his/her knowledge by engaging in Multiple-Choice Questions and fun-styled Crosswords.

However, in addition to its purpose as a creative tool for online learning and training activities, the platform also enables connecting and establishing cooperation among professional and stakeholders alike. Indeed, the ability to network with other professionals and interested parties from all around the world, should prove a very useful feature of this platform. By signing in and creating a profile, the user has the ability to participate in an online chat forum. By coming in contact with the moderators as well as with other experts and stakeholders, the user has the means to establish and maintain synergies with other interested parties all around the world!

To find out more about the platform, read up on AQUACYCLE’s 4th e-Newsletter which is issued in Arabic, English, French, Greek and Spanish.

Or, if you wish to skip this suggestion and you would rather find out for yourself about the functionalities of the platform, feel free to follow this link!